What was Shah Rukh Khan’s advice to Dharmendra?

Legendary actor Dharmendra says superstar Shah Rukh Khan had once advised that Deols should promote and market their films well to grab eyeballs. At a time when B-town celebrities leave no stone turned while promoting their films, Deols have always maintained a low profile which seems to have affected the outcome.

“‘Apne’ was a good film and there was no film like this in sports genre. Lot of films in sports genre got support from media but our film did not. I remember Shah Rukh Khan had once told me I should have promoted… marketed it well to grab attention,” Dharmendra said in an interview here. “I think there has to be a proper way to promote a film. I can’t blow my own trumpet. I don’t feel that is right,” he said. Dharmendra’s actor son Sunny also does not believe in promotion. “Sunny thinks doing too much promotion is like blowing your own trumpet,” Dharmendra said.

The yesteryear actor feels there has definitely been a change in the way film industry functions on Wednesday. “Actors today are confident and smart. That time we used to listen to stories from elders. There was ‘apnapan’ (camaradrie) which is not there today. Now people talk to the point, they talk when they need you. I wish this thing is not there in the future,” he said. Dharmendra has been a witness to changes in the film industry and he thinks filmmakers picking up true incidents from real life and making movies is a great thing. “Filmmakers are picking up true incidents from real life and making films on it which is good. True to life stories are being written which is great. These stories touch you,” Dharmendra said.

Today, actors are taking supplements and other things to maintain a good body but in his times, Dharmendra worked hard to be in shape. “I am son of a farmer…. I was a very hard working boy. I use to play games like hockey, kabbadi and used to climb Banyan tree. I was daring that time and even today,” Dharmendra said. “Besides, I had proper food. I feel lucky and happy for getting love even now from everyone,” he said.

Dharmendra feels action in movies today has become artificial. When asked if there are any other actors who has matched him or Sunny in action Dharmendra says, “I would not say there is someone competing with us… I feel we are behind others. We try our best to entertain audience.”