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No Country For Women, Tweets Shruti Seth After Being Trolled

Mumbai: Shruti Seth was attacked on Twitter after criticizing Narendra Modi. Actress Shruti Seth has tweeted her final word after a spirited battle with social media trolls who attacked her after she commented about the hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter.

Shruti Seth

The 35-year-old actress laid the argument to rest with these words:

You’ve abused me, my parents, my husband, my daughter, my career over an opinion I stated. The darkness of this place leaves me hopeless.

It all started when the actress criticised the #SelfieWithDaughter initiative that Prime Minister Narendra Modi endorsed in his Sunday radio address Mann Ki Baat. In her tweets, she said “A selfie is not a device to bring about change, Mr PM” and “Be more than a photograph.”

The Fanaa actress found herself at the receiving end of abuse of the vilest sort – she was described as a ‘bitch and accused of being publicity hungry, treason, and worse.

Shruti, who is married to Break Ke Baad director Danish Aslam, responded to most of her critics. Her confrontation of the trolls won her praise from several quarters, like this tweet shows:

This Shruti Seth came from nowhere and is already a boss!

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  1. Actress Shruti Seth trolled on Twitter for comments on Narendra Modi’s selfie with daughter

    Actress Shruti Seth was trolled on Twitter for making comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s selfie with daughter plan. The television actress invited wrath of the Twitterati after she tweeted against PM Modi’s selfie with daughter announcement.
    It all began after Shruti, using a hashtag #selfieobsessedPM, criticised Prime Minister Modi for his #selfiewithdaughter campaign. Shruti Seth was seen in shows like ‘Shararat’, ‘Comedy Circus’ and ‘Baal Veer’.
    She tweeted:
    A selfie is not a device to bring about change Mr. PM Try reform. #selfieobsessedPM http://t.co/DTs9gP2H2n
    — Shruti Seth (@SethShruti) June 28, 2015
    Those defending the #selfie plan by the PM FYI change is needed in the illiterate parts where ‘no front facing camera phones exist’. Think
    — Shruti Seth (@SethShruti) June 28, 2015
    Also, addressing to the PM, she further tweeted:
    Seriously get over your selfie obsession Mr. PM. Be more than a photograph. Come on! http://t.co/xybGd5dbt6
    — Shruti Seth (@SethShruti) June 28, 2015
    Post these tweets, Shruti was trolled on Twitter and her timeline was flooded with angry messages. But the actress did not seem to bother about it at all and tweeted that she loves trolls.
    I ❤️ trolls.
    — Shruti Seth (@SethShruti) June 28, 2015
    Morning all the lifeless people on my TL. I get it you guys are BJP fans. Good for you. Now go do something constructive with your day. Bye!
    — Shruti Seth (@SethShruti) June 29, 2015
    And before you continue your mindless, senseless rants about me & my life just check WHO is following WHOM. Says a lot. A lot. Now continue
    — Shruti Seth (@SethShruti) June 29, 2015
    Here are some tweets by the people. Some agreed while some disagreed with Shruti’s comments on the selfie plan:

    After the actress was bored of the trolls, she tweeted:

    Shruti later deleted her tweets.

    Shruti Seth @SethShruti
    Ok now I’m bored of you trolls. Moving on to do better things with my day. But don’t let that stop you guys. Carry on with my blessings