Apple Music is the pulse of daily lives

It was less than a month ago that Apple was winding up its developer conference in San Francisco with an announcement for Apple Music. And the launch date is finally here, so what exactly are you getting into with the update? Here’s the primer.

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Apple Music will now be a single app on your phone, which will combine Beats Music and iTunes. The app, however, will have three distinct main features.

“My Music” will display all the songs you own and playlists you’ve created, as well as allow you access to the iTunes library. From here, you can stream any song of your liking, or, try out one of the user created playlists available.

Second, “Connect” is the new social media aspect of Apple Music,where artists can share songs directly with fans, give them a peek into various stages of the songwriting process, and even communicate directly. Think of it as the rebirth of MySpace.

Third, is Beats 1, Apple’s foray into radio. Beats 1 will, again, feature music curated by humans, and with radio jockeys hosting the shows. It will broadcast from three stations, namely, Los Angeles, New York City, and London.

Apple Music is launching today for iOS, Mac, and PC devices and will cost US $9.99 a month for an individual account and US $ 14.99 per month for a family plan, which lets you sync up to three different profiles. Apple Music for Android and Apple TV will release later this year. While the subscription price hasn’t been officially announced yet for India, a Twitter user posted a screenshot from the developer version of Apple Music earlier this month, which listed the prices as Rs 120 per month for a single account and Rs 180 a month for the family account.

In addition, you don’t have to make a blind commitment. Apple is letting users try Apple Music for free for three months, before requiring them to pay.