Raj Purohit sting video: I made Vasundhara Raje the Rajasthan CM

Mumbai(Zee 24 Taas): BJP MLA Raj Purohit, whose office was ransacked by MNS activists due to his alleged abusive language against Raj Thackeray in a sting video, has also made several other explosive claims in the video.

Image courtesy: http://www.saharasamay.com

Zee 24 Taas, the Marathi television channel has the clip (authenticity of which cannot be verified at the moment).

What did the beleaguered MLA say in the video?

I made Vasundhara Raje
Raj Purohit, who hails from Rajasthan, is said to have claimed in the video he brought Vasundhara Raje into politics. Raje, who is currently embroiled in controversy over helping former IPL Czar Lalit Modi, became insecure because of me, Purohit is claimed to have said in the video. Purohit is also alleged to have said she ensured he was denied ticket in Lok Sabha elections.

Delhi BJP leaders defeated BJP in Delhi
Purohit is said to have analysed the stinging defeat in Delhi assembly elections earlier at the hands of Aam Aadmi Party where BJP managed to win only three seats while AAP won 67 out of 70 seats. Purohit claims BJP’s own leaders in Delhi plotted its defeat.

Oppose government plan to make PAN mandatory for buyin jewellery
Purohit allegedly says that the government’s plan to make PAN Card mandatory for buying jewellery will alienate its core vote bank of jewellers.

No collective leadership in party
Purohit is said to have thrown venom at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah too, claiming the duo makes all the decisions in the party and that there is no collective leadership.

Builders became legislators
Purohit has also reportedly spewn venom against BJP MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha, who is part of one of the largest construction companies – the Lodha Group. Purohit feels Lodha ensured he did not become minister and the party listened to him because he funded the election campaign.

MNS workers reportedly vandalised the BJP office in Kalbadevi earlier on Friday after a video sting surfaced of BJP MLA Raj Purohit criticising MNS chief Raj Thackeray.