Missing story makes ‘Hatred’ look incomplete in game world

Krishna Bahirwani: Anybody who is the kind of person that plays games like Grand Theft Auto, just shooting people will enjoy this one.

Developer: Destructive Creations
Publisher: Destructive Creations
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Rage, violence and anger are very much a part of our society today. The endless wars that we have experienced have made us aware of will of humankind to harm its own. At the end of the day all of this is a part of humankind and has existed since our early stages in evolutionary development. Video Games act as a unique medium to understand these emotions as we can experience and observe them while sometimes being able to channel them.

‘Hatred’ is a game about a person who is filled with hate, which is different from rage and anger and seemed like it was there to answer the question of how much damage could one person cause if they were consumed by Rage. After sinking a couple of hours in the game I realised this was not the case as the people were not programmed with great Artificial Intelligence. Instead this game seems like a repetition of just killing people. Since the game was supposed to be made about this concept, I find no reason to complain there but what could have really helped the game in my opinion is a backstory to explain how the lead character developed this hatred. The only thing that is clear about his story is that he wants to unleash pure Armageddon.

I cannot emphasise on how much the lack of story hurts this game because without it, it seems like a game about sadism without any method to understand it. This is where it feels like the game lacks depth. All you seem to do is hunt human beings in the game, without any particular reasoning for the order in which you want to kill people. It is also unclear if the lead character resists that he is human or is just acting out on his rage and feeling of being incomplete that has transformed into sadism.

The game is essentially a twin-stick shooter. Coming to the gameplay, you have the option to switch between three weapons. You need to be able to kill people with guns to get ammunition and you can swap your gun for theirs if you so desire or you run out of ammunition for your gun. The game is divided into different scenarios which make the game feel linear. If you die, you must repeat the entire scenario again unless you have gained the ability to respawn by completing side quests. Each side quest completed gives you the ability to respawn once. Side quests are very limited in number and so death comes at a cost. The only way to regain health is by executing people lying on the ground, which makes sense and does not, at the same time. If the idea behind that was being able to kill someone gives the player an adrenaline rush, that makes sense but how can it prevent you from dying because of a bullet wound, at the maximum it should only allow you to live for a little while longer. In this way and others I have mentioned before, the game lacks realism.

The game’s difficulty is pretty high and hence the game is challenging even in its easy mode. It’s pretty easy to die by grenade and soldiers that have a lot of firepower. The physics engine is pretty impressive, except for when it is obviously bugging out. The developers however seem to be actually working to get these sorted it. The game’s aesthetics are also great. It’s black and white color theme is also great and is appropriate for the kind of game it is. The guns work pretty well and and don’t seem to have any glaring bugs. The graphics are also pretty great for the kind of aesthetic it has.

The game does everything it has pretty well. The problems for me lie in the things it doesn’t have – depth and story, as well as how repetitive the gameplay is. That being said, anybody who doesn’t need these elements or is the kind of person that plays games like Grand Theft Auto, just shooting people will enjoy this one.