Al Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour detained in Germany at Egypt’s behest

Berlin(BBC): Al Jazeera has reportedly claimed that one of its senior journalists has been detained in Germany at Egypt’s behest.

Ahmed Mansour, who works for the channel’s Arabic-language service, was taken into custody while boarding a flight from Berlin to Qatar, reported the BBC. A German police official said that an international arrest warrant had been issued against Mansour by Egyptian authorities as a Cairo court sentenced him to 15-year jail term last year over torture charges. Al Jazeera said that the allegations levelled against Mansour, who holds dual British and Egyptian citizenship, were ‘absurd’ and ‘false.’

A tweet posted by Mansour on Saturday night said that he was still under arrest at Berlin airport, waiting to be taken before an investigating judge. He added that he is expected to remain in custody till Monday.