iBall Splendo: a PC on a stick that turns your TV into a full-fledged computer

If you’re really and truly strapped for space but have a TV at your home or office, here’s a finger-sized gadget that can plug into a television and convert it into a regular computer.

The iBall Splendo is a PC-on-a-stick that you insert into a regular HDMI port of your computer (like you’d do with a Chromecast, for example), and it packs all of the processing, memory, networking and peripheral interfaces that you’d find in a regular computer. This ultra-tiny form factor was showcased by Intel earlier this year at the CES event in Las Vegas.

This dongle-like device is powered by an Intel Atom processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of inbuilt Flash memory. It also runs Windows 8.1. The unit includes a wireless deskset comprising a keyboard and mouse, effectively enabling a complete Windows desktop experience.

Vineet Durani Director Windows Business Group, Microsoft India

The iBall Splendo is for people who love devices and want to be connected all the time using multiple form factors. These users are tech enthusiasts who love gadgets, have access to multiple TVs at home, love the Smart TV experience and use Windows for browsing, social networking and multimedia consumption.

You can purportedly run all of the regular applications you’d be able to on a similarly configured laptop, for example, with features including Intel HD graphics, multi-channel digital audio, a microSD slot, a USB port, Micro USB port, Wi-Fi and in-built Bluetooth 4.0. The unit is completely solid state with its fanless design, making it well-suited to education, home, office and potentially entry-level home theater applications.

Sandeep Parasrampuria Director iBall

The new era of exciting, easy to use, miniaturized and affordable devices is becoming the trend. iBall Splendo PC-On-Stick is one such device which will be useful for every home and office conference room providing different dimensions to use the PC as well as get great multimedia and internet experience by attaching it to the TV.

The iBall Splendo will be available for sale across the country from the start of July via online and regular retail channels, and will be priced at Rs 8,999.