BJP Of Odisha Demands Closure Of 55 Mines


Odisha, February 1, Abhijit Saha: The Bhartiya Janata Party of Odisha state wants 55 mines in Odisha to be closed, since the mines are polluting the river Vaitarani.

Justice MB Shah Commission responsible for an investigation has submitted their report. Referring to this report the speaker of BJP Mr. Sameer Mohanty said that it is now apparent that these mines are polluting the river Vaitarani, so they have to be closed.

He also said that the commission has found these mines causing pollution by the side of the river Vaitarani and that the government have to execute the suggestion of the Shah commission and close these mines immediately.

Yesterday the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demanded shutting down of at least 55 mines in Odisha for violation of environmental laws. The party also intimidated that if the government did not close these mines immediately, they will start a state wide protest against the ruling government after the visit of party prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi which is scheduled on 11th February.

BJP also alleged the BJD led Naveen Patnaik government that they are not taking any prompt action to execute the suggested report of Shah Commission due to dull reasons of election fund raising.

The river Vaitarani is one of the six major rivers in the state. This river is considered as the lifeline of 48 blocks and sustenance of millions of people in the state and is a major source for agricultural irrigation. This river passes through 5 districts of Odisha and is now in an unsafe condition because of the extensive mining in the catchment area of Odisha as reported by the Shah Commission.

The Justice MB Shah Commission was appointed by the central government back in November 2010 for investigating illegal mining scams in several mineral rich states of India.