I don’t have the confidence that Emergency cannot happen again: LK Advani

New Delhi(dna): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) patriarch Lal Krishna Advani has said he fears that an emergency like situation could arise again and India’s political system is still to come to terms with the Emergency.

The veteran party leader’s remarks come even as the Modi government faces heat from the opposition over Lalit Modi and Sushma Swaraj row.

In an interview to Indian Express, ahead of the 40th Anniversary of the emergency, LK Advani said that “forces that can crush democracy” are stronger.

“At the present point of time, the forces that can crush democracy, notwithstanding the constitutional and legal safeguards, are stronger,” said Advani.

The veteran leader also feels that enough has not been done that gives him the assurance that civil liberties will not be suspended or destroyed again. He said that he could not assert confidently that an emergency could not happen again.

When asked what makes India vulnerable to the Emergency-like situation, Advani said: “I do not see any sign in our polity that assures me, any outstanding aspect of leadership. A commitment to democracy and to all other aspects related to democracy is lacking.”

Advani also expressed that today there are some weaknesses in the political leadership.

“Today, I do not say that the political leadership is not mature. But kamiyon ke karan, vishwas nahin hota (I don’t have faith because of its weaknesses). I don’t have the confidence that it (Emergency) cannot happen again.”