Prime Minister Modi lauds Bangladesh cricket team in impressive speech

Dhaka(PTI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lauded the Bangladesh cricket team, saying its performance reflected the ‘exuberance and enthusiasm’ of the country’s youth.


In his speech at the Bangabandhu International Convention Centre, Modi talked about the performance of Bangladeshi cricketers during the IPL season and terming it as ‘impressive’. “In the cricket world, Bangladesh was a late entrant. But everybody is serious about the kind of challenge Bangladesh is posing for the other countries now,” Modi said.

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The Prime Minister praised the erstwhile minnows of the cricketing world for having ‘made a place for yourself’. “This is the power of Bangladesh,” he said, eliciting loud cheers from the audience. Modi also spoke about two Bangladeshi women from poor families who have climbed the Mount Everest and also about Salma Khatun, who plays for the country’s women’s cricket team.

“This the power of Bangladesh. I am here to move together. This is the capability which enthuses us further,” he said. Stressing on the need to provide the ‘aspirational’ youth with opportunities, Modi said, “There are dreams of the youth of this land. Times have really changed. Ask any youth about his aspiration. He wants to embrace the whole world. Our responsibility is to provide the youth opportunities.