If the Bollywood Celebrities Were Emotions in real lives

Mumbai,Bryan Durham: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness — five emotions we all have on the inside. They get personified in an upcoming animation movie, titled Inside Out. At different points in time, each comes to the fore, whenever needed.

And what’s more likely to invoke such feelings in us as strongly as cinema itself? Bollywood films evoke all these feelings in us all — sometimes all at the same time. But what if there were some B-Town actors that personified those emotions in real-life in the real world? Here are the actors, we feel best embody or evoke these emotions in us.

Ranbir Kapoor / Sadness
In Inside Out: Sadness is one of the strongest emotions in a little girl called Riley. Sadness would love to be optimistic, but finds it hard to be positive as the years pass by.
He fits this emotion because: His last hit was Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. In 2013. Roy, his first film this year, flopped. Bombay Velvet, a film he had endured blood, sweat and tears, also sank. Plus he had pooper like Besharam. This guy gave us a Wake Up Sid, a Rocket Singh and a Barfi! Nothing makes us sadder than when Bollywood’s Biggest Hope has a string of flops. Papa Rishi is unhappy, but pragmatic. We’re pragmatic, and don’t want to write him off, because he’s so darn good. It’s just sad that the man with the Midas touch isn’t hitting home runs. Maybe, Jagga Jasoos and Tamasha will change that?

Tiger Shroff / Joy
In Inside Out: Joy is everything sadness isn’t. Where people see challenges, she sees opportunities. Nothing quite sums her up as this quote, ‘We can’t focus on what’s going wrong, there’s always a way to turn things around’.
He fits this emotion because: He’s one film old, but since before the film’s release and all through its promotions and even now, Tiger Shroff has been joy personified. Every appearance this young man makes shows off his unbridled joie de vivre. He’s everything you’d expect in an upcoming superstar. He’s got the best moves since Hrithik Roshan, he’s got the fan following — online and offline. And while critics didn’t quite take too kindly to his Heropanti, he was praised, he found ardent admirers and went on to sign several big projects. But the enthusiasm and smiles never stop with Tiger. He put out a happy single this year that was a tribute to fans that stood by him and made his debut film a hit. There’s joy in everything Tiger does, and we don’t see that abating any time soon.

Sunny Leone / Disgust
In Inside Out: Disgust is highly opinionated and extremely honest. She always has the best of intentions, though.
She fits this emotion because: She doesn’t disgust us, no. But for people with narrow minds (and they number in the millions, going by how many of you get routinely offended), this former adult star evokes the emotion so strongly. She’s had a past that she doesn’t deny or shy away from. Most recently, the Censor Board (both Examining and Revising Committees) reportedly turned up their nose at her upcoming release, Mastizaade because of the innuendo in the film. Well, she is called Laila Lele in the film, and if that isn’t disgusting by itself, consider this. She says she has been trying to move away from skin flicks to more ‘meaningful flicks’, but her outings in films like this and the recently released Kuch Kuch Locha make even the most liberal part of you feel, well, disgusted.

Bipasha Basu / Fear
In Inside Out: Fear is always on the lookout for potential disasters, and spends time evaluating possible dangers, pitfalls and risks… and there are few things he doesn’t find dangerous or fatal.
She fits this emotion because: We’re afraid of Bipasha Basu. We’re actually marvelling how this uber-fit glamazon, star of Jism, Omkara and Dhoom:2 could pick up a tag called Horror Queen. Nothing quite puts the fear of God in us than when the Bongshell signs on a horror film. Fans must surely dread her outings Aatma, Creature and Alone. And then there’s Humshakals, Jodi Breakers, Players and very long ago, Rudraksh — not horror flicks, but stuff nightmares are made of. Shudder! Stop scaring us so, Bips!

Rishi Kapoor / Anger
In Inside Out: Anger feels very passionately about making sure things are fair for Riley. He tends to explode (literally) when things don’t go as planned. He is quick to overreact and has little patience for life’s imperfections.
He fits this emotion because: Oh, there’s very little that doesn’t get Rishi’s goat these days. This Bollywood veteran has been a great ball of fire that’s threatening to rage against almost everything in sight. He’s fiercely protective of son Ranbir Kapoor (who is kind of in a downer right now) and won’t stop telling everyone who’ll listen how Junior is going to bounce back (we believe you, Chintuji!). Rishi is also very passionate about the causes he takes up. And his comments and tweets on most matters are — we won’t say overreactions — strongly-worded and felt reactions, so much so, it resonates with some of us. Patience, quite truly, isn’t a virtue for this Kapoor. He feels what he feels and doesn’t keep it bottled in and he wants results. Yesterday! And some of his ‘explosions’ are… wait for it… legendary!