This new wearable device can zap your brain to lift your mood

Washington(AP): A new wearable device, which is being called the world’s first digital drug, can zap your brain to make you feel either calm or energised.

'Thync' is the world's first 'digital drug' that's rated to be completely safe. | Image source: Thync
‘Thync’ is the world’s first ‘digital drug’ that’s rated to be completely safe. | Image source: Thync

Users stick the device, called Thync, onto their front temple. A second connected pad goes in a spot farther back on the head, with its location varying depending on whether the calming or energising mode is being used. Thync connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth from where it is controlled by an app that lets users choose the length and intensity of their session.

Each programme follows a pattern of greater and lesser intensity, with cycles of peaks and valleys, but users can also manually raise or lower the overall strength, Gizmag reported. The minimum time needed for the calming effect is five minutes. There are three different energising modes as well, lasting either 5 or 10 minutes.

The product uses “low levels of pulsed electrical energy to signal specific neural pathways, allowing users to dial up or dial down their stress responses and energy levels.” Thync said the product, which costs $299, is perfectly safe. It is being marketed as a lifestyle consumer product, not a medical one, so the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not regulating it.

The device has been independently approved by the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), a US-based safety organisation specialising in electrical devices.