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Congress files complaint with Election Commission on PM Modi’s poll expenses

New Delhi(PTI): Congress on Tuesday filed a complaint with the Election Commission alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi incurred more expenses than the prescribed limit in Varanasi in the Lok Sabha polls and is liable to be disqualified.

The complaint was filed by AICC legal cell Secretary KC Mittal on behalf of local party leaders Rajesh Mishra, a former MP, and city party chief Praja Nath Sharma.

Mittal said that a Congress delegation made a representation to the full Election Commission which assured it that it will look into the matter.

The complainants alleged that Modi “failed” to give “true and correct” account of election expenses to the EC and that he undertook an “opulent” campaign through a “swanky” election office.

“According to an estimate, the cost of the high tech renovation of his election office was approximately Rs two crore and the same shall be counted in his election expenses,” they claimed adding that Modi had taken a 14-storey posh building as his poll office.

The complainants also wanted all expenses incurred by RSS volunteers in Modi’s campaign to be added in his poll expenses as “RSS is not a body registered as a Society or an association, nor as a registered political party and is not an official constituent of BJP”.

Congress also accused Modi of not submitting his travel expenses individually or along with other star campaigners. The complainants wanted notice to be issued to Modi for his comments and all records may also be called for further inquiry.

“We request that the matter may be proceeded further and necessary action may be taken to disqualify him,” they added.

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