Top quality masks, anti-UV glasses for Delhi traffic cops to brave pollution and heat

Delhi(PTI): In some good news for those Delhi Traffic Police personnel braving the harsh sun and pollution while managing traffic, the department has decided to equip them with standard quality breathing masks and ultraviolet (UV) protected sunglasses.

The first batch of about 200 personnel who man major traffic intersections and rotaries in the city has already been provided with these masks and sunglasses.

Senior officers will review the use of the gear before providing them to all those on field duty.

“We have provided standard quality breathing masks and UV protection sunglasses to the first batch who have to do continuous duty under scorching sun, and dusty atmosphere. The good thing about this anti-UV sunglasses is that it could even be worn over power glasses,” said Special Commissioner (Traffic) Muktesh Chander.

The breathing mask comes with a replaceable filter which can be changed after certain man hours.

“This mask will save our personnel from inhaling polluted air and dust particles while performing their duty at busy traffic intersections. We have provided 200 masks and sunglasses to as many personnel in the first phase,” said Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Sandeep Goel.

While rising levels of pollution in the national capital have always been a cause of concern, rising temperature has put Delhi at high risk of ultraviolet (UV) rays with the city receiving alarming levels of radiation this season.

According to System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting Research (SAFAR), the city recorded 8.6 on the UV index on Tuesday while it was 8.2 on Wednesday afternoon.

The 1-4 range on the UV index is considered as no risk, while 4-5 and 5-7 are considered as low and medium risk respectively while 7-10 is classified as high risk range.

While prolonged human exposure to air pollution can lead to chronic respiratory, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections, solar UV radiation contact may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye and immune system.

Sunburn (erythema) is the commonly known acute effect of excessive UV radiation exposure.