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West Bengal CM is said to fulfill the said duties: Congress

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Kolkata, February 1, Rimo Bose: Sarcastically expressing view on the chief of TMC Mamata Banerjee regarding her “Delhi chalo” yawp. Deepa Dasmunsi a Congress MP as well as Union minister remarked that Mamata Banerjee should accomplish all the responsibilities of a CM firstly.

The union minister of congress even said that Bengal’s CM can weave dream of becoming PM but it’s a distant dream and that firstly the state is lacking protection for common man specially in case of women. Not only this but even Shakeel Ahmed a leader of congress party was passed assailing comments in regards to Banerjee’s “end of monarchy” statement, she was criticized of lacking historical proficiency of the political structure of India. Even the matter of her calling both UPA and NDA as dynastic rulers was criticized and even she promised that she will go out of Bengal to campaign and she expressed that this Lok sabha will see a change in the votes. Whereas, Somen Mitra who has renounced himself from TMC has shared his ambiguity that how could banerjee elect on above 500 seats in LS even if she wins 42 seats.

Although, at the meeting on 30th January Bengal’s CM had verbally grumbled her opinion against both congress and BJP calling them disrupters and has made it a point to not to stand them at any cost in the upcoming LS election. Now it is the time and the waves of politics and the nation will be the deciding factors.

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