Four constables suspended for beating a man and three others

Delhi, February 1, Rimo Bose: Partying at one’s own domicile made a man and his three pals get pounded up by four constables. They were even coerced of false accusation or case for money that they were asked for.

The thrashed victims had complained to the SSP (Senior Superintendent Police) Dharmendra Singh this resulted into the suspension of the constables who committed this unruly act. Sufferers belong to Khora Colony. Narendra Yadav, Balbir Yadav, Satyendra Yadav and Rahish Pal were the alleged constables.


It was reported rather expressed by the victims that they were blamed of making noise and the police men went too rowdy and started thwarting them even tried to squeeze out of money else to forge a case wrongfully on them. The SSP even promised to investigate deep into the issue and to make sure that an inquiry is done thoroughly.

Even the Janata Darbar arranged by the SSP got one more issue where the request to search someone’s missing son was not registered, hence that led to the suspension of Ghanshyam Sharma a sub inspector.

These cases have made one thing clear that sometimes the stalwarts of law in the society turn out to be the ones who breaches it.