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LPG Cylinders from 9 to 12: Public Welfare or Politics?

LPG cylinders

Delhi, February 1, Monika Singh: The central government on Thursday altered its own decision by making the quantity of subsidized cylinders to 12 where earlier it was 9. Besides, the direct transfer scheme (DBT)  of cash subsidy has also been put on hold due to complaints of aaddhar not being linked with bank account, flowing from all directions. Petroleum minister Veerappa Moili confirmed that both the decisions would be applicable from 1st of February. The decision to halt LPG cylinder subsidy payments into bank account will reduce the size of direct benefit transfer scheme by two thirds.

After losing Lok Sabha elections in four states, congress has finally understood that restricting quantity of subsidized cylinders was one of the major reasons for agitation of public apart from inflation and corruption being the others. Along with public, other political parties were also witnessed not being in favor of the decision. Women have been a major part of the vote bank for congress. In such a scenario congress did not want to take another chance in the elections and hence had to come on the back foot. As a result congress vice president Rahul Gandhi appealed to the prime minister to make the necessary changes which was later approved by the cabinet. Hence there is no denying g the fact that this is the result of congress’ strategy to reach the AAM AADMI and strengthen its position for Lok Sabha elections.

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