Old Racism in New Delhi

image_650_013114045735 Nido Tanian, 18 years old boy died due to clash between local shopkeepers and northeast boys. It was  young  group of student who were searching a address in Lajpatnagar , during which someone  passed comment on his hairstyle. After a police intervene they reached to a compromise but Again after this police left them on the same place where after being allegedly beaten up by Iron Rods and sticks he died. Autopsy report is still awaited. 3 of them detained for this hate crime.

This is the same area where few days back  Delhi’s law minister was alleged to insult two African women Because local people informed him that they were involved a drug & sex racket. Here is a big  indication of what is Delhi facing now at the point of racism.

“I am a working woman. I live in Luxmi Nagar  whenever I go to the market for any shopping or just for a walk people stare at me. They will pass comments “Chinki “. One day someone started following me and reached at my home and knocked my door. I was so scared . I did not go any where for next three to four days. Sometimes I feel I am not Indian.”,Seeta Rani, A manipuri girl.

Aam admi party’s chief Arvind kejriwal directed his educational minister Mr.Manish  Sesodia to investigate this matter of nido Tanian and report him.

But the question is remain same if Mr. Kejriwal is supporting his law minister Mr. Bharti over the khirki incident would he be able to provide a assurance as a chiefminister of delhi to the north easterns and those who are from different culture and race.

Delhi is the place where you can easily get  discrimination examples. If you do bargaining shopkeepers will call you Bihari in front of you , for north east girls girls they have worst perception.

being a woman is not safe in Delhi but being a north east girl is even more terrible.”, Bidya Sharma from Sarojini Nagar. Few days back a Danish woman raped there is also a racism based crime mentality.

The racism in delhi is present in many forms but neither government nor the social activist are taking part  in to the general awareness for the same. Former chief minister Sheila Dikshit was one of the them who said that delhi is facing overload due to the overload of UP and Bihar’s people. Now there if political class is discriminating  between people on the basis of state and language . How can we think about equality in the society?

A 18 year student lost his life just because he is looking different and having a different hairstyle cost his life. India had strongly reacted once the Indian student were under attack in Australia. But what would we say now. Who is the responsible for a taking away his life , Delhi police who handled this incident lightly friends of nido’s accused Delhi police for taking money for the compromise , but he was allegedly thrashed at the same place incident was happened. Or the Arvind kejriwal’s government who does not able to show a strong stand against racism as their own  Law minister is accused for being racist.

It would be better for Delhi and for Delhiites too, we should change our mind set and perceptions because answered questions may cost more lives and can spread discrimination in our society. Absolutely it’s hard to admit racism in Delhi but this is the time we should come forward to clean it.

(This editorial belongs to writers own thought)

Editor : Puneet Prabhat Singh

4 Responses to Old Racism in New Delhi

  1. this is very true in delhi….girls are not safe

  2. A very nice article on racism.In this case,there was no fault of boy but in case of girls from outside delhi (whether it be north india or east india),i would like to say that we live in liberal country,everyone has right to behave,dress etc. according to herself but like we say in hindi “jaisa desh vaisa bhesh”.We should adjust ourselves according to the new place we are going whether for studies or job.The adjustment may include change in our eating,dressing,body language etc to a certain limit without provoking anyone or hurting anyone’s sentiments.Such a step would definitely add to the safety of women.

  3. Nameirakpam Chingkheinganba

    That’s what we are talkin about mr. sharma. you people discriminate in indians..!!

  4. I strongly disagree with you Mr.Ankur.Are you a fool or stupid as i can’t use the right word at such a public platform.Who has given you the right to comment on lifestyle of north eastern girls’s way of living,eating or dressing ??? Are you the father,brother or husband of them ??? Every individual has a specific kind of personality depending on his/her native place,family background,financial condition or mentality.It depends on them whether they want to change or not.Actually mentality of people like you will never change.Its not your fault.Its a common thinking of every second person we meet today.If i am wrong and if you have courage and guts to prove yourself right,then i am eagerly waiting for a comment from your end,otherwise just walk off…