Check this out! Origami made of $100 banknotes

Moscow, April 4(IANS) – Origami articles made of 100-dollar banknotes will be put on display at an interactive exhibition, 100 Dollar Origami opening in Russia’s second largest city of St. Petersburg on Saturday.

Check this out! Origami made of $100 banknotes,

The exhibition is timed to mark the birthday of the dollar sign that is believed to have been invented by American businessman Oliver Pollock in April 1778.

The exhibits are animals, fishes, dinosaurs and various other objects, like apparel, folded out of 100 dollar banknotes, the press service of the State Museum of Urban Sculpture, the venue of the exhibition, told TASS news agency.

Visitors will be treated to dollar tea, a drink brewed from the dollar banknotes.

Apart from that, they will be able to play chess with Russian currency roubles and US dollars, instead of black and white chess pieces.

After the exhibition, the banknotes will be carefully unfolded and checked in to Sberbank. The organisers, however, are not certain that a banknote would still be valid after being bathed in boiling water.