Bombay Velvet: No promotions for Ranbir Kapoor?

According to sources, the actor will not be making too many promotional rounds for Bombay Velvet, director Anurag Kashyap worried

Ranbir Kapoor walked out of a press conference mid-way when he was asked a personal question, at his last public outing. Says a source, “To avoid similar situations in the future, Kapoor Jr has made it clear to the makers of Bombay Velvet, his next release, that he won’t be attending press conferences. Even if he does attend film-related events, he won’t entertain personal questions.”

An insider adds, “After he staged a walkout of an event mid-way, his resolve of keeping his personal and professional life separate, has become stronger. He has made it clear to his makers of BV in no uncertain terms, that he will only give a handful of interviews. In fact, he wants strict instructions to be given to all media people attending the events to steer clear of personal questions, lest the focus shifts from the film.”

While it could bring some respite to Ranbir, we hear Anurag Kashyap, the director of Bombay Velvet, is worried that this stand may affect the film. The mega-budget film has already been delayed and it needs all the publicity.

Anurag is worried that Ranbir’s decision could backfire on the film as the reclusive actor is media-shy and only talks during his film’s release. All other times, he remains incommunicado. Promotional events are the only time he interacts with the press.

No star from Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan has ever laid down such conditions. While no one enjoys answering personal questions, they understand that their fans want to know more about them than just their films. No B-Town actor has ever dictated to the media what questions to ask. This is tantamount to gagging the press, a move not likely to go down well with the fourth estate.