Psychology Of Equality in Female Fighters for Discrimination

NYC, MAXWELL LUMINEZ: Women have never been thought of as fighters, most likely due to the fact that the males in the human race were the hunters and warriors and the women usually gathered, protected the camp and the children. However, females have the ability to fight and as history has shown, are often very aggressive when they make the decision to do so.

Think Girls Can’t Throw A Punch?? Think Again…

Taking A Closer Look At Females That Fight

Because of various types of sexism and discrimination within human society in the past, however, it has only been during the last few decades that women’s ability to fight has been truly recognized and allowed to occur. Today, there are women actively serving in just about every facet of the military making up about 20 percent of the armed forces in the United States. Other countries have even more female fighters who are trained in all aspects of combat. There are also leagues of women fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts. The truth is, women getting into fights has been growing in popularity in recent years, is better recognized as something women can do by the general public and is less taboo then ever before.

For example, if you search for online videos of girl fights or women fighting, you will see a slew of them, proving the popularity of women coming to blows with each other or with men. Why so popular? For some, it’s the fact that women getting into fights isn’t something they have ever seen before. For others, it’s the uniqueness in the way in which women fight in general.

Comparing The Fighting Styles

downloadIf you compare the way in which the different sexes fight their opponents, at least in regards to street fighting, females take a more unconventional approach to fighting their opponents, a way in which most men don’t usually choose. Much of this is due to strength, as men tend to throw a series of punches in the hopes of disabling their opponent before beating them into submission. They use only their fists and their bodies, relying primarily on upper body strength. Women on the other hand look to hurt their opponent in a wide variety of ways, from punching to kicking to scratching to hair pulling to twisting, all in hopes of hurting their opponent as much as possible. In short, the online videos of untrained women street fighting is lawless and intense, whereas men’s street fighting is actually a bit more measured, though often more damaging.

History has shown that female fighters on the battlefield are often some of the most fearsome and ruthless. The women who fought for the Soviet red army wouldn’t take prisoners, executing every Nazi soldier that surrendered to them over the course of the brutal Eastern front during the second World War. In fact, every war that women have fought in during the 20 th and 21 st centuries have resulted in numerous remarkable stories of bravery, proving that mentally women are just as capable as men in the fog of war, even though if they are generally considered to not be as physically as strong or fast.

The Psychology Of Equality

Since women are being considered more and more equal in society and are working hard to level the playing field on other fronts, it only makes sense that fighting between females would become more popular. Humans are drawn to fighting regardless of who is doing it — seeing two animals, people, teams, even robots go at it is just in our nature. This has been the case over the course of human history and has nothing to do with people being desensitized to violence. People are drawn to violence, like moths to flame, no matter who is involved. Perhaps there’s just something instinctually comforting to us about it.

So considering there is a renewed draw to the sport of mixed martial arts and organizations like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (or UFC), it only makes sense that the sport and subsequent business surrounding fighting would expand into matches between women. There is now a whole portion of MMA and UFC dedicated to female fighters, who actually are learning the art and craft of fighting an opponent in a traditional way. There’s an evolution here, exploring not only how different individuals choose to fight their opponents but also how different sexes choose to fight their opponents.

I’m A Lover – Not A Fighter

Keep in mind, that due to the fact that it isn’t in women’s nature to immediately beat up someone who crosses them or disagrees with them, as well as the fact that they weren’t encouraged to fight or were heavily reprimanded for fighting in the past, fighting amongst females in a regulated environment may take some time to evolve. Leagues need to be established, many female fighters need to go through the process of learning and actually fighting before the fights will truly come into their own. Compare it to soccer in the United States versus the rest of the world. While everyone else was playing soccer from a very young age just about every day of their lives for most of a century, Americans didn’t really integrate the sport into their society until the last few decades. It is only now that soccer is actually getting some traction in the United States and the Americans are able to at least perform with other great teams on a world stage.

The same can be said about female fighters. Now that women are being allowed to fight and it is openly accepted by society, their participation in the sport of fighting will have to evolve and grow, just as their integration into the military has evolved and grown over the past decade. It’s also testament to our evolution as human beings, whether it’s men or women, that we are treating each other more equally, regardless of sex.