Don’t harm Narendra Modi government, Mohan Bhagwat tells RSS workers

Nagpur, Amita Shah(dna): The story goes that once when Dadoji Kondev, revenue worker of Shivaji, who had forbidden plucking mangoes from the orchard, was himself tempted to do so, he asked for a sword to cut off his hand. Shivaji intervened and convinced him against it, but Dadoji always left one arm bare as a reminder of the episode.

It was this anecdote that RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat narrated in his valedictory speech at the three-day meet in Nagpur on Sunday night, as he asked the members to refrain from any move that could discredit the government or the organisation, sources said. Bhagwat was addressing the Sangh’s Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha, attended by around 2000 representatives.

What’s the thrust of the message?
The thrust of the message was that the conduct of the members should be exemplary in thoughts, words and action, ensuring that it does not bring a bad name to the government, Sangh or the party, the sources said. Bhagwat pointed out at the meet, the first since the Narendra Modi government came to power, that it was a favourable time for the Sangh to pursue its expansion plans.

Is RSS focusing on expansion?
With “sarva sparshi, sarva vyaapi (RSS presence in every place)” on its mind, the Sangh is focusing on expansion in all sections of Hindu society, particularly the poor, sources said. While the RSS undertakes this task, V Bhagaiah, who had been working among the socially disadvantaged sections in Vijaywada, has been appointed as its fourth joint general secretary. Bhagaiah, a low profile and eloquent speaker, was the Sangh’s Baudhik pramukh, in-charge of intellectual activities.
While tasks are cut out for the existing RSS joint general secretaries–Suresh Soni, Krishna Gopal and Dattatreya Hosbale– Bhagaiah will also be assigned a role soon, sources said.

Is the Sangh backing Modi govt completely?
A clear indication from the conclave was that the government and the RSS, the BJP’s ideological mentor, were in sync. Sources said the Sangh stood by the Modi government despite controversies over the alliance with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, the Sangh affiliates’ reservations over the land acquisition bill and raising FDI cap in insurance sector. BJP president Amit Shah, who was present at the meet for all three days, interacted with the members on these issues. He also gave a report on expanding the party through the membership drive for which a target of nine crore has been set. Shah also conveyed about the steps the party was taking to strengthen itself in states like West Bengal, Kerala and Odisha.