Google flight search now informs users if suggested airliners have Wi-Fi, power outlets

When you hit the Google search bar next time to look for flights while planning a trip online, the search results will also indicate clearly whether suggested flights have Wi-Fi, in-seat power outlets, and other amenities, a report said.

Google has partnered with flight-rating service Routehappy to bring those details to Google Flights search results, making it far easier to compare and book the right airline, reported the Verge. The agreement between Google and Routehappy extends worldwide and covers flights to all geographies. When you access Flight Search, you’ll see the price and duration of flights to several popular destinations you might like to visit – based on your preferences and previous searches. If you set your dates and tap to expand the map, you’ll instantly see live prices for destinations around the world.

When you click on the departure date field, you’ll see a calendar with the lowest fares for the route highlighted for each day. You can also use the lowest fares graph below the calendar to see how prices may fluctuate based on the season, holidays or other events. Scrolling through a couple of months shows you when it’s a great time to fly.

Once you select your departure and return dates, you’ll be presented with a list of ‘Best flights’, which represents the best trade-off between convenience and price. You can always view other flights by scrolling through the summary list or selecting, “Show longer or more expensive flights”.