Why Shiv Sena MP wants ‘Godse’ removed from unparliamentary words list

Mumbai(web team): A Shiv Sena MP is evidently hurt after he realised his surname is in the list of unparliamentary words of the legislature and cannot be uttered in the parliament, says an Indian Express report.

Hemant Godse, a Sena MP from Nashik, Maharashtra had found out that ‘Godse’ is an unparliamentary word. Unparliamentary words when spoken in either of the houses get expunged from the parliamentary record.

Finding the decision to add ‘Godse’ to the list ‘painful and heartrending’ Hemant Godse wrote to offices of Lok Sabha Speaker and Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman asking the to remove it from list with immediate effect. The MP says that the a large number of people from Maharashtra have the surname ‘Godse’ and that it has a lineage of hundreds of years, the report adds. It also says that Hemant Godse’s adds in the letter that he will not change his ancestral surname under any circumstance.

The officials responding to the letter have reportedly found out that in April 1956, after two MPs apparently likened Nathuram Godse to two spritual leaders, the word got added to the list. It happened during a debate on States Reorganisation Bill and Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Sardar Hukam Singh directed the word be expunged, says the report.

That ‘Godse’ is an unparliamentary word came to light after CPI (M) member P Rajeeve questioned the PM Narendra Modi on Hindu Mahasabha’s plans to instal Godse statues and found it expunged from his speech in the records.