PM Narendra Modi is 11th highest paid world leader

New Delhi(web team): Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the 11th highest paid world leader, ahead of the Chinese head of state, according to a report by CNN.

Quoting information obtained from an RTI application, Modi’s annual salary is pegged at Rs 1,900,000 (a little over $30,000). Meanwhile, China​’s Xi Jinping, the president of the second highest economy with a GDP of $10 trillion, is twelfth on the list, earning $22,000. And this salary figure is only after a 60% pay hike early this year!

Using official data from across the globe, the report has complied a list of top earning world leaders belonging to both developed and developing nations.

Not surprisingly, President of the world’s biggest economy United States’ Barack Obama tops the list earning $4,00,000. This excludes the tax free expense account of $50,000, the report adds.

Other BRICS leaders too figure in the list. South African President Jacob Zuma leads the pack by being the fourth highest paid world leader getting $2,23,500. Russian President Vladimir Putin earns $1,36,000 after taking a pay cut following the country’s worst economic crisis in years. He ranked eighth on the list. Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff is the tenth highest paid head of state taking home $1,20,000. Brazil and Russia are the seventh and ninth largest economies respectively, based on their GDPs in 2014. India is the tenth largest economy.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Germany’s Angela Merkel come in at third and fourth place respectively on the salary metre. While Harper earns $2,60,000, the German chancellor earns $2,34,400.

Other world leaders higher up in the rung include UK PM David Cameron at fifth place and earning $2,14,800. He is followed by Japan’s Shinzo Abe with $202,700 and French President Francois Hollande with $194,300 at sixth and seventh place respectively. Italian PM Matteo Renzi makes it to the ninth spot earning $1,24,600.

Article source: CNN