World has started looking at India in a new light: PM Narendra Modi

Mauritius(ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that the world has begun to look at India in a new light, stressing on the importance of environmental conservation.

“Earlier, nobody used to look at India, but today the world is trying to see eye to eye with that same India,” Prime Minister Modi said, at a civic reception at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute here

“The Earth is our mother, and this is taught to us right from our childhood. This is what our culture teaches us. When we started forgetting that rivers are our mother, we started considering them only sources of water. But we have been taught about milking the nature not exploiting it,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi also said that the duty of a government is fulfilling the aspirations of its people.

“It is the duty of governments to help in fulfilling aspirations of the people. My govt is young, but we are getting there. The people don’t want money per say, but they want the opportunity to earn money,” he added.

Earlier, the Prime Minister paid floral tributes to Mahatma Gandhi at the latter’s statue at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute.

He also offered ‘Gangajal’ and prayed at the Ganga Talao, which is considered one of the most sacred Hindu places in Mauritius. He was assisted by priests at the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Prime Minister Modi also addressed the National Assembly of Mauritius, stating that the island nation stands out as a ‘bright beacon of democracy’.

He also commissioned the coast ship Barracuda, saying that the vessel will make the Indian Ocean safer and more secure.