Akshay Kumar: Sidharth Malhotra reminds me of myself

Akshay Kumar is all praise for Sidharth Malhotra. They play brothers in their next, and AK has often been heard saying how he likes the younger actor because he reminds him of the way he was at that age.Khiladi Kumar says that the younger actor is focused, into fitness and hardworking; qualities he admires and has always emulated.

Both actors are fitness enthusiasts but they bond over more than just that. The two share a fantastic equation even off the sets of Karan Malhotra’s next Brothers.

Akshay says of the young actor, “Sid reminds me of myself at that age. There’s his interest in fitness… I was like that, very engrossed in building the right physique. Also, he is very punctual which I have always felt is important. He is also focused and hardworking. When I speak to him, he reminds me of how I was.”

Ask if him they bond more because of the Punjabi connection and Khiladi Kumar avers, “No. It has nothing to do with the fact that he is Punjabi. I have met many other Punjabi actors and not felt that way. Sidharth is different.”

Tell Sidharth about the kind words his senior had to say about him and he says, “I’ve learnt so much from him. He’s very helpful as a co-star and a dream to work with. He didn’t act like a senior at all and treated me like one of his contemporaries. Even during scenes, he would help me improvise. I really have a lot of respect for him.”

Now we hope to see similar love between Shah Rukh Khan and Varun Dhawan who will play brothers in Rohit Shetty’s next.