Pakistan had more atomic weapons than India in 2014, reveals new study

New Delhi(ANI): According to a new interactive infographic unveiled by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Pakistan had 120 atomic weapons, 10 more than India, in its nuclear arsenal in 2014.

The Bulletin was founded in 1945 by University of Chicago scientists who helped in the development of the first atomic weapons in the Manhattan Project.

Having reached a peak of over 65,000 in the late 1980s, the number of nuclear warheads has dropped significantly to a little over 10,000, but more countries now possess them, it shows.The United States and Russia have around 5,000 weapons each, according to the infographic.

The Nuclear Notebook Interactive Infographic shows a visual representation of the Bulletin’s famed Nuclear Notebook, which has tracked the number and type of the world’s nuclear arsenals since 1987.

Executive director of the Bulletin Rachel Bronson believes that people have no idea about how many of these weapons there are in the world.