Anushka Sharma takes a green turn

Giving up meat is no easy task, especially for hardcore non-vegetarians. Be it for spiritual or health reasons or simply for the love of animals, a number of actors have turned vegetarian in the recent past. The latest to join this growing list is Anushka Sharma, who made the lifestyle change, a few months back.

The actress, who has always maintained a lean figure, explains her decision. “I became a vegetarian mainly because I’m a huge animal lover. I hadn’t been eating (meat) for a very long time. If there was an option, I wouldn’t pick it up because I just didn’t feel good about it,” she says, adding, “Animals are not meant to be eaten, plants are going to wither and die, if you don’t eat it. Animals, on the other hand, are bred to be eaten.”

Anushka affirms that this is a long-term plan and she has no desire to go back to being non-vegetarian. “I’ve read some articles about how the human body cannot digest meat. I saw a really nice documentary on how our teeth, like our jaws, are structured. We have the same structure as deer and goats and not other meat-eating animals. So, actually, we are not meant to be eating animals.”

She offers another reason. “When you kill an animal, there’s a lot of negative energy stored in it. If you notice, I am feeling much calmer since I turned vegetarian,” says the actress.

She also voiced her views on the recent ban on beef in India, saying, “The beef ban doesn’t affect me per se, as I’m obviously against killing animals, but it’s taking away someone’s food.”

Kangs did it, too!
In 2013, Kangana decided to say no to meat and embraced a vegetarian lifestyle. The actress who enjoyed eating meat all her life said she made the switch for spiritual reasons and feels more positive since. Kangs was also voted hottest vegetarian celebrity that year by PETA.