Delhi Police bust Arms Licence racket

Place: Delhi,(PTI): With the arrest of eight persons, Delhi Police on Thursday claimed to have busted a racket which used to get Arms Licence issued on the basis of fake and forged documents without police verification from Nagaland.

Those arrested include six such licence holders and two agents, involved in procuring such licences. Arms licences and arms purchased on the basis of such licences have also been seized by the police.

During investigation of a case last year, Special Cell of the Delhi Police discovered that several residents of Delhi have obtained Arms licenses from Nagaland on the basis of fictitious documents and have purchased arms and ammunition from different Arms dealers of Delhi and NCR and some have procured them even from Ordinance Factories.

It has been found that some such Licence holders have previously indulged in criminal activities. In order to bust the entire racket and initiate appropriate legal action against such persons, a separate case was registered by Special Cell and investigation was taken up.

“Our investigation revealed that a large number of residents of Delhi have procured such licenses issued by Dimapur Administration in Nagaland,” said DCP (Special Cell) Rajeev Ranjan. The seized Arms licences are found to have been issued by the office of District Magistrate Dimapur (Nagaland) with “All India” validity. However Arms licence for All India validity can be granted after seeking prior concurrence of MHA with full justification in deserving cases only, he said.

The six license holders have been identified as Jaswant Dagar, Satish Dabas, Raj Rishi Sharma, Omkar Singh, Subash Dagar and Sanjay Kumar, all residents of Delhi while two agents, identified as Ramesh Kadiyan and Sandeep both residents of Jhajjar, Haryana were also held for facilitating procurement of such license.