Nearly 1.4 million people live in Bangalore slums, says report

Bangalore,Saheli Sen Gupta(WEB TEAM): With the increase in migration, there is an increase in the number of slums also in Bangalore. According to a report, at least 1.4 million people sleep in slums every night in Bangalore.

According to the Karnataka Slum Development Board, the city has at least 600 slums. However, the Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA) said that the city has over 1,500 non-notified slums which are not counted by the government and said that at least 25% to 35% of the population resides in slums all over Bangalore.

For 14-year-old Vikram and his friends, Bangalore was the city of dreams when they arrived in 2012 looking for jobs. Vikram talking to iamin said, “We make Rs 200 a day. I came to Bangalore because I wanted to earn enough to buy myself a cycle at least but don’t know if that will happen now.”

More than two years have passed and these boys from Uttar Pradesh are still selling balloons and living in a slum under the City Market flyover.

According to ‘How to govern India’s mega cities: Towards needed transformation’, a study conducted by the Center for Policy Research, Bangalore has the most number of migrants in the country.

Lakshapati, activist, APSA, said, “Migration is a part of development and the influx of migrants is not only because of opportunities and money. Pointing out his apprehensions about the study, he said that the city might not be limited but its resources are.”

A version of this story was originally published in The Observer, a newspaper co-ordinated by print students of Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media.

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