Woman files harassment plaint, cop says accused ‘too young to do anything’

Delhi(PTI): Despite filing a non-cognisable (NC) offence against a 20-year-old youth for harassing and giving life threats to a 26-year-old woman, a resident of Chembur, the police has failed to take action against the Panvel-based culprit. In fact, a police officer who took down the woman’s complaint has said that the accused is ‘too young to do anything’.

While working at a store in a Vashi mall, the woman met 20-year-old Jitender Padda, who was employed at another store. According to the complaint, Padda became friends with the woman after he told her a sob story about him being adopted.

After a while, Padda brought a marriage proposal to the woman, of a man named Neeraj Bajaj. Padda gave the woman Bajaj’s contact number, though Bajaj remained a mystery as he never came forward to meet the woman.

The 26-year-old said that whenever she would ask Bajaj to meet her or her family, he would dodge questions and remained evasive. “Whenever we would converse, it would only be via messaging apps, which made me grow suspicious about his existence,” said the woman, adding that she also became sceptical of Padda, ‘whether it was him chatting from a different number’.

The woman broke contact with Padda and said that he soon began hurling abuses at her, as well as her friends and colleagues. “He would call and give life threats, saying that he would finish me and damage my reputation. Despite filing an NC against him, he continues to threaten me by calling from different numbers,” alleged the woman.

One of the woman’s relatives claimed that the cops failed to bring Padda to the police station, or take strict action as he lives very far away, in Panvel.

The officer who took down the woman’s hand-written complaint said that he called Padda and ‘warned’ him. “The boy is just a 20-year-old, and I’ve spoken warned him. He is too young to do anything,” said the officer, adding: “I asked him to come to the station, but he didn’t show up. I’ve spoken to his mother and told her that if her son continues to harass the woman, I will file a case against him.”

The officer also said that he has shared his contact with the woman, telling her to inform him if she sees Padda in Chembur, where she lives.