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10 things about Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico

NYC, Bryan Durham: What you ought to know about Priyanka Chopra’s new show on ABC

  1. It’s called Quantico and will be set in the city formerly known as Potomac in Virginia, USA where the Federal Bureau Of Investigation has a training facility on a Marine Corps base.
  2. The only other show to be set there is Criminal Minds, which, incidentally, was also called Quantico in its pilot episode.
  3. The show, which belongs to the drama/thriller genre, is being described as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ meets ‘Homeland’.
  4. PC’s character’s name is Alex Weaver. So our guess is she’s not playing an Indian, but don’t count out the possibility that the name might just be a front or that she plays someone of mixed origin.
  5. She’s playing a brilliant yet haunted FBI recruit. Where have we heard that before? That’s a plot point even Homeland and Blacklist shares, no?
  6. The wording in most releases is precise. “It’s a drama pilot” for now. One of many ABC is putting out this year. A pilot out doesn’t necessarily mean a show gets greenlit. But who are we kidding? It’s PC, the show’s about the FBI, Mark Gordon is executive producing (he has a long-standing relationship with ABC)… the push to season might just happen.
  7. The characters of the young cast has very specific reasons for joining. What is Alex’s is still unknown. But you will know soon enough. As the release says, “her past boils to the surface soon after her arrival at Quantico”. The recruits will undergo 21 weeks of training. That’s a lot of seasons planned!
  8. At the outset, PC won’t play the female lead for sure. That role will be played by Aunjanue Ellis, who was last seen in The Book of Negroes. Ellis will play the director of the FBI base at Quantico and will oversee training the recruits.
  9. One of the recruits is harbouring the biggest secret of all. He/she is a sleeper cell terrorist who will in the near future carry out a deadly attack on US soil, not unlike 9/11.
  10. Since PC’s episode run hasn’t been confirmed yet and she has not really cut Bollywood ties, she could, in all probability, be the sleeper terrorist in question, right? Well, chances are any of those other recruits could also be it.

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