BCCI would restore people’s faith in cricket, says Secretary Anurag Thakur

Mumbai(PTI): Newly-elected BCCI Secretary Anurag Thakur on Monday said the Cricket Board’s priority is to ‘restore people’s faith and improve the game’s image’ in the country.

BCCI (Representational photo)

Veteran administrator Jagmohan Dalmiya was unanimously elected President of the BCCI but the N Srinivasan camp suffered a setback when Thakur, considered close to the rival Sharad Pawar faction, beat Sanjay Patel for the post of Secretary at the Board’s Annual General Meeting.

“Every member of the BCCI is committed towards the betterment of the game. I can assure everyone that we will take all necessary steps to strengthen the board, strengthen cricket and take cricket to new heights,” said Thakur.

Asked whether it was Srinivasan’s victory or Dalmiya’s, Thakur said, “I think it is the victory of cricket. Our utmost priority is to restore the confidence of the people in cricket and to work on the image of cricket and the Board.

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“I personally feel the members of the Board will join to work in that direction, especially to reach the new heights in the field of cricket.

If he had contested in the elections because he wanted to clean the image of the Board, 40-year-old administrator said: “I think the message is very loud and clear that all of us as the members of the BCCI are keen to work together and change the image or restore the faith of people in the game of cricket.”

Thakur, the President of the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association, insisted that it was an important election at a very crucial time.

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“It is not about individual’s victory. This is a victory that I dedicate to all the members, who have given me an opportunity to work. I am not a newcomer in the BCCI…I have been here for around 17 years. I have seen many ups and downs in the Board. I have seen many elections, which were very very close.

“This was also one of the very important elections at a very crucial time, which the BCCI is going through. I am sure all the members of the BCCI would give our best to restore the faith of people,” signed off Thakur.

Elaborating on the decisions taken at the AGM, Thakur said: “Many committees have been decided, which are the statutory committees. And for the rest we are in the process of forming those committees.

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There are usually two ICC meetings, one attended by presidents of each boards and chief executives. But the BCCI has still nominated Srinivasan and not Dalmiya and when Thakur was asked about the move, he said “this decision has been taken for the next six months till the next AGM takes place.

“There is an ongoing process…many committee members who are a part of various committees and still have 6-7 months to go for the next AGM, which is due in the month of September. So all of us agreed to continue with that process, so that the working of the Board is not affected by the change in the committee,” said Thakur.

On why it took 20 months for the opposition to come together, Thakur said: “I think it is not about opposition. It is about the timing when the elections are due. So when the AGM was due and elections were held, I think the members have come forward and voted.

“You think Dalmiya will be able to act independently, he said: “Why not? He has been in the board for more than last 30 years, so I don’t see any reason. He is being elected unanimously,” he signed off.