An app for your Android phone that solves math equations only using its camera

PhotoMath is an app that is about to create a new wave of worries for math examiners everywhere–it ingeniously solves math equations simply by pointing the camera at the equation, in real time as an overlay on the camera screen itself. Not just the answers, it also indicates the steps involved in reaching the solutions. I can just see those students’ faces light up.

Image result for math equations

A boon for academics everywhere, this math tool could revolutionize the way students understand and learn the subject. Built into its smarts is the ability solve arithmetic, fractions, powers, linear equations, quadratic equations and several other common math challenges by recognizing and unraveling problems on the page of your math texbook. Available initially on Apple’s App Store, this app has now made its way to the Android Play Store, potentially extending it to wider audiences. It is based on a powerful image ‘machine vision’ engine (blending text and image recognition) that was pioneered by MicroBlink, the company behind the app.

Of course, as with any significant development, there’s every chance this tool could well spawn a breed of lazy learners, but if used correctly it can be a shot in the arm for getting around sticky math situations and for better wrapping your head around those numbers, even when there isn’t a math tutor at hand.