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Arvind Kejriwal forms 9-member panel to deliver on 70 promises

New Delhi(PTI): Delhi Government on Friday announced setting up of a nine-member commission, to be headed by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, to implement the 70 promises made by the Aam Aadmi Party in its election manifesto.

A decision to set up the Delhi Dialogue Commission to implement the AAP government’s “vision” for the city was taken at a cabinet meeting presided by the Chief Minister.

The cabinet approved appointment of Ashish Khetan, senior AAP leader, as the vice-chairperson of the commission. Other members of the commission will be Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, Chief Secretary, Finance Secretary, secretary to the Chief Minister and a member secretary

As chairperson of the commission, Kejriwal will nominate two other members to it.

Addressing a press conference, Khaitan said the Delhi Dialogue Commission will aim to provide a unique model of collaborative and inclusive development and will be a bridge between the government and the common man.

“As observed in Delhi in the past two decades, the vested interests of successive governments and their remoteness from their constituents ensured that the most fundamental needs of the people of Delhi have remained unaddressed – from issues such as clean drinking water, electricity and affordable housing to sanitation and employment, among others,” a government release said.

The decision to set up the commission came two days after the AAP government announced 50 per cent cut in power tariff for people whose monthly consumption does not exceed 400 units and the free water scheme.

Slashing power tariff and free water were two major poll promises of AAP.

The Commission will constitute separate task groups and committees on various subjects comprising experts, who will provide advice on ways to implement government’s vision about the city.

Separate Task Groups will be formed on air pollution, reviving the Yamuna, women’s safety and empowerment, and e-governance.

A separate Task Group will be formed on installation of CCTV cameras and making Delhi a Wifi city. Another task group will focus on waste management and sanitation and one more on affordable and clean energy

The Commission will also appoint a task group on promoting entrepreneurship and creating employment while a separate task group will examine ways to improve standards of education ranging from primary to higher education.

In its manifesto, AAP had made 70 promises ranging from building two lakh public toilets to setting up 20 new colleges to adding 30,000 more beds in Delhi hospitals.

“The only way to transform a city is to be in a constant dialogue with the city and the people who mould it.

Now the time has come to create a mechanism through which that action plan can be implemented,” Khaitan said He said the commission will come up with appropriate solutions to a range of civic issues by studying good practices, policies and plans from across the country and abroad

Khaitan said the commission can be contacted on the e-mail address ddc.delhi@gov.in.

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