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I hit a guy who groped my friend: Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma on resorting to violence to fight back a molester. Anushka Sharma is a gutsy girl. Be it her professional life – she has taken plunge as a producer – or when it comes to her personal life — globetrotting with her cricketer beau Virat Kohli. During a tete-e-tete for her upcoming film NH 10, she shared an anecdote about an act of violence she experienced in her life and how she fought back! Read on to know more…

You have done a lot of action scenes in NH 10. Comment.
The action is very raw, but it’s designed to look believable. I trained for three months before the film just to build up my stamina because I knew what lay ahead of me. We were shooting in jungles, with thorns and dust storms, harsh weather and other hindrances…I had to prepare myself for that. The action doesn’t look choreographed. It looks like a scuffle between two people. It’s not easy to create that and its hard to perform. We are used to seeing a certain kind of action and I would get into that space and my director Navdeep (Singh) would say, “No, let’s not do that. Let’s just keep it real.”

Has your mentor Aditya Chopra seen the film yet?
No, I want to show him the film once its complete. I don’t want to show him kachha-pucca stuff!

Are you worried about the Censor Board’s new list of banned cusswords affecting your film?
If you see things out of context, you can bleep out everything! But when they see it in context, it would make sense. There are no gimmicks in this film. There is a real story, there are real people. We have made the film the way we understand it. If I start abusing you for no rhyme or reason, it’ll be odd. But in the film if someone is abusing or if there are cusswords, there is a reason for it. I’ve not been an actor who has ever attached herself to gimmicks. So obviously its not going to happen for the first time I’m going to produce a film.

Have you experienced violence?
I’ve not picked up a rod and hit anybody but when I was younger and I would be coming back from school, and you know one gets eve-teased and stuff like that. Guys would act cheap, flash, cat-call, grope… One of my friends was groped and I remember hitting the guy with a Milton bottle. Then we stopped the traffic and other people came to pick him up and hit him. I have been brought up to voice my opinion and fight back.

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