Scared to show ‘Badlapur’ to my mom: Varun Dhawan

He’s usually cool and candid. But Badlapurseems to have affected Varun Dhawaninternally. He smiles but that spark has dipped, he talks but that enthusiasm has reduced. Somehow, Varun is more Raghu and less of the Varun we usually know.

Normally, you ask him anything and he’s got an instant answer to anyone. But as we sit with Varun for a chat this time, he seems a little more silent, answering in bits and pieces, with more pauses than ever. And towards the end, I finally give up and tell him, ‘Where’s the Varun we know?’. The actor smiles back, ‘I know everyone’s been telling that my behaviour and attitude has changed. But hopefully I am getting back to what I was”.

Badlapur has had an adverse impact on his life and relationships, the actor agreed. “Badlapur is made in a zone where I had to zone out myself from the world. Notmally, I am a very jumpy person. I am always talking. With Badlapur, I had to change myself. I could have easily wrapped up shoot and been myself. But the character was so demanding that if I did so, it would be kind of cheating with my role. Hence I went into the zone of the character totally”, Varun replied.

Varun who’s extremely confident about Badlapur explained why he thinks the film might work. “I am confident that it is a good film. I am confident that it is a very new subject and cinematic but it is not a run of the mill film. I won’t be dancing and jumping in the film, but there is an emotional connect in the film. So we are hopeful”, only to add cheekily, “But I have just one problem”, he continues.

“I have not shown the film to my mom though as I am scared”, he signs with a smile.