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Actress cum producer Pooja Bhatt lashes out at Aamir Khan

Mumbai(dna): Defends the controversial roast that has landed the AIB, Karan Johar and others in an FIR soup. Almost a month after the show, the AIB Roast, went viral on YouTube, it created a furore. There were people for it, and against it. Obviously, a lot of people whose names were mentioned on that stage were not happy about it.

The moral brigade naturally were offended, that being their main purpose in life. While the founders apologised and even took the show offline, there were many supporting them. While the matter was just dying down, it was fanned again when Aamir Khan, during one of the events, spoke out against the Roast. Now Pooja Bhatt speaks up in support of the show and everyone connected to it.

“FIRs have been filed against us film artistes from time-immemorial. Everyone from Raj Kapoor to Ismat Chugtai has faced it. I’ve faced it. Now it’s my sister Alia and others’ turn. One needs to take it in one’s stride and not give in or cave in. Finally justice will prevail. I single-handedly fought an obscenity case against my film Rog for ten long lonely years. It was frustrating. But I did not yield. Ultimately my patience paid off and I got justice. As for Aamir’s stance against the Roast, he needs to remember that old adage… let him who has not sinned be the first one to cast a stone. His holier-than-thou moralistic posturing is getting a bit tiring, to say the least. For someone who produces Delhi Belly with the song Bhaag DK Bose and poses with a transistor covering his modesty or immodesty—debatable, that—his attitude reeks of hypocrisy.”

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