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India’s comedy actors defend the AIB Roast

AIB’s Roast has created a lot brauhaha with several people slamming it and cases being filed against it. We spoke to three well-known comedy actors about their take on it and here’s what they said.

Vir Das: The only judgement any joke deserves is whether it is funny, intelligent and original or not. Any other judgement is nonsense.

Kiku Sharda: I am completely opposed to the FIR. I understand that you do not appreciate my humour, that you find it offensive. But you can’t arrest me for it.

Sunil Grover: Jo karte hain karne do. Jinko nahin dekhna mat dekho! Jail mein mat dalo. Freedom to express a thought zinda rehne do. Achcha bura jissko jo lage…Freedom ko matt roko.