Nullcon 2015 sets the standard for InfoSec conferences in India

Nullcon 2015 received an overwhelming response from all those who attended as this was the best year for nullcon setting an example for the rest of the industry to follow. This year brought in some of the worlds best speakers including Karsten Nohl, renowned cryptographer and security researcher, Michael Ossmann, the man behind the open source HackRF, Ubertooth, and Daisho projects and Attila Marosi, Senior Threat Researcher at Sophos.

“It was a privilege to speak again at nullcon. It is one of those conference that mixes deep technical talks with a very fun and relaxing atmosphere. The organisers are thorough and very helpful. No matter what your technical proficiency is, you always leave nullcon with new information and a very fond memory.” said Yashin Mehboobe, Independent Security Researcher.

“This year’s nullcon was very special to me. I was a speaker and also had a stall to showcase our new award winning product which was very well recieved. The panel discussion on doing startups in India was very insightful, really enjoyed that. I released a new open source tool and technique for DOM XSS testing during my talk. And as a practical joke I was wearing some really funky looking glasses on stage and the crowd loved it, I cannot even dream of doing that in another conference.” said Lavakumar Kuppan, Project Founder and Author of IronWASP.

“I found that people ware really interested in my technical presentation around GSM and wireless communication. I distributed some radio modules to people for people to experiment with and I ran out of modules really quick. I also think nullcon is really helping create awareness in people about IT and telecommunications with the talks being more from a technological standpoint rather than a business one.” said Akib Sayyed, Wireless Security Researcher.

“This year we had an overwhelming response from both, the security industry and community. We introduced the CXO panel discussions which saw a good blend of decision makers and thought leaders from the industry and government discuss their challenges they face and how they work together to solve issues related to information security. We stick to our motto of next generation security and vendor neutral talks, which convinces the participants to attend every year and also encourage their colleagues. We also conducted 9 hands-on training sessions out of which eight of them were sold out. This year’s nullcon had twenty decision makers and thought leaders of the industry and government as speakers along with fifteen internationally renowned technical speakers. This year also boasted of twenty five sponsors and more than six hundred attendees, which is the highest nullcon has seen so far. The overall feedback has been extremely positive with participants expressing gratitude for managing to get speakers that were previously only accessible to them online to physically interact with them and share ideas at Nullcon.Some Sponsors have confirmed for next edition of Nullcon participation as they find value in the technical talks, networking opportunities with the industry and talent to recruit. The security community has always supported us with the entire event flow and organizing various sub-events at the conference.” said Antriksh Shah, co-founder, nullcon International Security Conference.