Venkaiah Naidu urges political parties to co-operate during Budget session

NEW DELHI(PTI): Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs M Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday appealed to all the political parties to cooperate for the effective functioning of the Parliament during the upcoming Budget session.

“The Parliament will start with the President’s address on 23rd with the joint sitting of both the houses. I appeal to all the political parties to please cooperate for the effective functioning of the Parliament. Parliament needs to debate, discuss and decide, that should be the spirit of all. And if the opposition friends have any objection, they can raise objections, they can discuss, they will get ample time,” Naidu told mediapersons.

He further said that it is the responsibility of both the ruling party and the opposition to ensure smooth functioning of the Parliament. “I am ready to walk an extra mile to accommodate the opposition because in democracy both opposition and the ruling party have a responsibility to see that the Parliament functions effectively,” he said.

The Budget session of the Parliament will begin on February 23. Along with presenting the Union Budget and the Railways Budget, the Central government will look to pass the Bills which were held up during the winter session of the house.