Salman Khan charging Rs 15 crore to promote mineral water brand?

Salman Khan, as we all know has successfully extended his man-of-the-masses image to create a charity and lifestyle brand, Being Human, which has almost become as big as him. And now the Kick actor wants to make it even bigger for he has given his franchise to a multinational company that will bring out mineral water in his name with his picture on the packaging. Yes, you read that right!

Called Being Human Mineral Water, it will be launched sometime later in April. Salman is already endorsing a cola , so he will launch his foundation’s first non-clothing/accessory product only after his contract with the cola brand expires.

But here’s the interesting part. Rumours are rife that the multinational company is paying Salman a whopping Rs 15 crore a year for the association. Meanwhile, South Indian music maestro Ilaiyaraja too has given his nod to the company to launch the mineral water under his name and he is being paid Rs 5 crore for being a part of this