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Facebook launches ‘ThreatExchange’, a social platform to combat web threats

Facebook has launched a sort of mini social network, directed specifically at cybersecurity specialists, to allow collaboration between various professionals to tackle internet security.

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Titled ThreatExchange, the platform is based on Facebook’s own ThreatData framework, which was tasked with collating data on attacks faced by the popular social network, analysing and archiving the data for later use, and then incorporating that during similar future attacks. ThreatExchange, on the other hand, is a collaboratove database of sorts, where cyber attack victims and security specialists alike can sign up and contribute or use data.

Some of the big names that have already signed u pfor the beta service are Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, Pinterest, Dropbox, and Bitly. Each company will share information on cyber attacks, past and future, in order to better prepare other companies for possible threats. Facebook has also included various privacy features, so companies that might be forced to share sensitive information when contributing attack data can opt to only share the information with particular users, for instance, another company that they know to be under a similar kind of attack.