Actor Shahid Kapoor’s Dream come true!

As a child Shahid Kapoor liked to wear a cape and run around with a stick in his hand pretending he was a warrior on a horse. When he became an actor, he hoped he would get a chance to do a dream role. But in the last dozen years (he made his debut in 2003 with Ishq Vishq) he has been in the industry, he has not been part of a period film, so his dream remain unfulfilled.

Until now. Shahid will mainlining the Hindi remake of Magadheera (2009), the superhit Telegu film which was about reincarnation. The film is set in the current time but it has a connect to their previous lives 400 years ago. And he finally gets the chance to grow his hair and wave a sword while riding a horse. Shahid says, “Since childhood I have always wanted to sit on a horse and hold a sword in my hand… Magadeera is giving me that opportunity.”

About Maghadheera
The plot revolves around four people: A valiant warrior in charge of the princess’ safety, the princess who loves him, her cousin who lusts after her and an emperor who wants to conquer their kingdom. They all die before their wishes are fulfilled and are reborn after four centuries, at which point the warrior kills the scheming cousin with the support of the emperor and wins over the princess. The film was dubbed into Tamil as Maaveeran and Malayalam as Dheera: The Warrior, and was released simultaneously on May 27, 2011 in more than 100 and 50 screens respectively, with both versions being commercially successful. In 2014, the film was further remade in Bengali as Yoddha: The Warrior by Raj Chakraborty.