Shiv Sena mouthpiece mocks BJP, says Modi lost Delhi elections

Mumbai(web team): Shiv Sena stepped up its offensive against ally Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday following BJP’s crushing defeat in the Delhi elections, with an editorial in Sena mouthpiece Saamana saying the results in Delhi assembly elections were a lesson for people in Maharashtra.

Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray had on Tuesday declared the defeat in Delhi as a defeat for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which invoked a sharp reaction from the BJP, with the ruling partner in the state alliance asking Sena to quit the government if they felt so.

Saamana reiterated Uddhav’s rhetoric asking if Kejriwal had won, who was defeated. The editorial, which has often been considered Sena’s official stand on various issues, points that though Modi and his aide Amit Shah had been successful in Lok Sabha and assembly elections, their magic didn’t work in Delhi, which is also called India’s heart. The editorial further wrote that Delhi elections also proved one could not win elections merely on the basis of speeches and promises.

“Even booth management, caste equations and full use of power cannot guarantee results as desired. We saw that in Maharashtra three months ago and Delhi totally rejected the power machinations,” the piece further wrote. Sena was engaged in a bitter tussle with BJP after the three-decade alliance between Sena-BJP broke just before assembly polls. Though BJP got 122 seats on its own, it had to seek help from Sena to ensure comfortable majority in the 288-member house. Sena joined the cabinet after much dillydallying from both sides.

The edit mocks the ‘Modi wave’ claims and says it is now proved that a tsunami is bigger than a wave. “Even in Maharashtra they claimed there was a wave. Only time will decide how much of it was water and how much was froth. People in Maharashtra had already started the downfall of the wave and the tsunami waters have reached Delhi,” the edit piece further said.

The edit ends with a reminder that nothing is permanent in politics and while the BJP may have won the country, they have lost Delhi.