Nikon India announces High-Def D-SLR D810A for astrophotographers

Nikon Indiahas just launched the Nikon D810A, a D-SLR designed with an array of features built specifically for the most dedicated astrophotography hobbyists. Often requiring custom equipment and hours of persistence, stunning images of the night sky are now easily within reach with the D810A.

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Chief among the D810A’s strength is its ability to capture astronomical subjects that emit the H-alpha wavelengths of light such as nebulae and other distant galaxies, in red, allowing astrophotographers to see them just as imagined. Helping even the most skilled photographers, are features such as longer exposures in low-light conditions with minimal noise, and a live view preview function which assists with planning the best shots. In addition, 36.3 megapixels ensure superior image quality in ultra-high definition.

On the announcement, Mr. Hiroshi Takashina, Managing Director, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Nikon is always up for a challenge, and empowering astrophotographers with a dedicated camera of unprecedented image quality was one intriguing task. We are thrilled to announce the launch of Nikon D810A, a class-leading, high-definition D-SLR that will bring astrophotographers one step closer to capturing the majestic vastness and beauty of space while offering them a new perspective in stunning detail.”

“The Nikon D810A has been designed keeping in mind the obstacles that astrophotographers face; it is a result of an amalgamation of advanced imaging technology and suite of outstanding features,” said Mr. Sajjan Kumar, Vice President – Imaging Division, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd.The Nikon D810A will be available by late May 2015.