Ericsson claims Xiaomi violated court order

As a result of the ongoing legal battle with Ericsson, Xiaomi India is only allowed to sell smartphones powered by Qualcomm processors in the country. As per a report, the Swedish company allegedly claimed that the latter has violated the interim order and selling smartphones powered by MediaTek chipsets. In an email to BGR India, Xiaomi’s Manu Jain clarified the issue saying it has followed the court order, and put the blame on a third-party reseller.

Ericsson claimed that Xiaomi was violating the court’s order by selling MediaTek-powered smartphones Manu Jain however says, “Sales by are entirely without authorisation from Xiaomi, and has no affiliation with Xiaomi in any way. It is owned and operated by a third party and is not an authorised seller of Xiaomi devices in India or any other part of the world.”

Jain further said that Xiaomi intends to take legal action against the portal, since it is “infringing our trademarks, and we have previously requested for them to stop selling Xiaomi products.”

The Court’s order, which allows Xiaomi to sell Qualcomm-powered smartphones in India still stands, and the next hearing is scheduled for March 18, Jain said.

Last year, the Delhi High Court passed an injunction banning Xiaomi from importing and selling smartphones in India. The injunction was related to patent infringement complaints by Ericsson. The former smartphone maker has had similar complaints with other companies including Micromax and Intex. The Court however later partially lifted the ban and allowed the Chinese company to sell Qualcomm-powered smartphones in the country.