Delhi assembly polls: Who is going to win? What the 5 surveys say

Delhi, Shubhashish(dna): Delhi, with a total of 13 million registered voters has gone to polls on Saturday to select a new government. 7% votes have already been cast. In 2013, Delhi saw a record 66.5% votes being cast.

As the political parties across the spectrum and analysts expect Delhi to come out in full force and break the record of 2013, dna brings you an outline of what the opinion polls have predicted so far.

Zee Media – Taleem Research Foundation

As per the latest survey of Zee Media together with Taleem Research Foundation, BJP is expected to get 39.7% votes while AAP would bag 46%. Congress, according to the poll stands to gain 14.3% votes from the people of Delhi.

India Today-Cicero Survey

This survey predicted AAP to get anywhere between 38 to 46 seats in the 70-seat Delhi Assembly as against 28 seats in the 2013 polls.

The survey said that BJP and Congress is likely to get 19 to 25 and 3 to 7 seats, respectively, this time around.

ABP-Nielsen survey

The ABP-Nielsen survey said that AAP will be the biggest party with 35 seats followed by BJP at 29 and Congress at 6 seats. If this survey is to be believed then AAP will fall short of majority by just one seat.


This website tracking the Delhi elections has predicted that AAP will get anywhere between 30 to 34 seats while BJP is expected to garner a similar number.
Out of all the polls, Elections.In is most optimistic about Congress and has predicted the party to get between 6 to 10 seats.

HT-C Fore survey

This survey gives the best results for AAP out of all other surveys and polls. It said that AAP is to get between 36-41 seats, which means a clear majority. BJP, it said, will get 27 to 32 seats while Congress is expected to come in third with 2 to 7 seats.

A clear trend among all the above polls and surveys is that AAP is going to be the largest party to emerge out these Delhi elections.

However, two polls have predicted absolute majority for AAP while two say that it will be short by a seat or two.

Only the best case scenario in Zee Media and Taleem Foundation Research survey the BJP gets the majority of 36 seats.