RSS man K N Govindacharya files complaint with EC over election ads in electronic media

NEW DELHI(ANI/PTI/IANS): Social activist and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh pracharak K N Govindacharya on Saturday filed a complaint with the Election Commission over the display of electoral advertisements in electronic media, and urged Delhi’s Chief Electoral Officer Chandra Bhushan Kumar to take action against the guilty.

“I met the CEO and stated that as per the rules of the commission, electronic media, along with social media on the internet will be subject to the same rules which apply to television. There has been a gross violation and I urged the commission to take cognizance of the fact and immediately block the web magazines in question as well as demand an explanation from the party in question,” Govindacharya told ANI.

“I also demanded that if found guilty, penal action must be taken against them because it imbalances the level playing field, a key ingredient in democracy,” he added.

According to the rules of the EC, all advertisements taken out by political parties must cease 24 hours before the day of polling, including the day itself.